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Printflow – Affordable Technologies for Printers

Print quality, timelines and a successful commercial business are now critical bottom-line issues for printshops. With such tendency in the market, usage of up-to-date technologies increasing quality and lowering costs is a pre-requisite for the printshop´s competitiveness. Printflow offers quality, reliable and affordable accessories for printing industry to satisfy printer´s increasing quality and productivity requirements. Our technologies are suitable for the wide range of printers and their applications. We sincerely believe that our commitment to the satisfaction of each and every client in our product´s performance, is our pathway to long term growth and prosperity within industry.

Printflow Technologies features:

  • represent the new trends in the printing industry
  • universal application on almost any press or guillotine
  • retrofittable to both new and used presses and guillotines
  • compatible with the world´s leading graphic arts equipments
  • world-wide distribution and service
  • 25 years of R&D experiences in the printing industry
  • thousands of installations all over the world

Printflow Technologies benefits:

  • bring new increased quality to printers
  • increase capacity and productivity
  • fast return on investment